Miriam O’Neal

Remembering Liam

“He was just walking with time as wind does with the air, in and away.” Ankit Shah

He was just walking with time as wind does
was walking as wind does with time,
just with the air in deep and away,
with walking, he was just air
time, wind does as he does
as with wind the air does walking,
wind was walking, just as time does,
does he walk with the air away,
with wind in deep and
the time was just as he was
air with wind with away
and in. He was time he was air he was walking
deep and away.

in memory of poet and essayist, Liam Rector (1949-2007)

Editor’s Notes: The nature of memory is persistent, and yet memory is ever-changing and fleeting as air and time. The repetition and alternating and transposing of the terms wind, air, and time symbolize this.

Miriam O’Neal’s, The Body Dialogues was published by Lily Poetry Review Books in January, 2020. We Start With What We’re Given (Kelsay Books) came out in 2018. Runner-up for the 2020 Princemere Prize, O’Neal is a 2019 Pushcart nominee and a Poet of Note in the Disquiet International Poetry competition. Recent work has appeared in Nixes Mate Review, North Dakota Quarterly.  Translations of Italian poet, Alda Merini, appeared in On The Seawall  in Fall 2019.

2 thoughts on “Miriam O’Neal”

  1. How absolutely breathtaking. A way for me on this observation of My Father’s “Yahrzeit” ( year time the memory of hiday of passing)
    To think of a loved one who was walking in the wind in air in and out of time

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