Prompt April 1 2020

Welcome to National Poetry Month. As promised, I will post a writing prompt here for the next 30 days. You are welcome to post your poems on a private page and engage in a dialogue with other poets. If you plan to do this, please send your email contact to so I can send you the password to the page.

To get things started, let’s say what’s on everyone’s mind. It is the age of nature’s fury that is unleashed on the world in the form of coronavirus. Most of us are living an isolated life hiding from an invisible enemy. But this isn’t the first time a deadly pandemic has ravaged the world. In 1890, when Churchill was only 15 years old and attending Harrow School, he wrote this poem in response to the influenza pandemic of the times. Recently, Kitty O’Meara, a retired teacher from Madison, Wisconsin wrote a prose poem And the people stayed home” about the coronavirus pandemic.

If any of these poems inspire any ideas, write about the current coronavirus pandemic situation. Some of you might be driven to write an epic poem. If that’s not your jam, You can write a short haiku or any other short-form poem.


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