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Weekly Poetry and Flash Contest

For the past two years, we have released one issue per quarter.  Although this gives the readers a rich tapestry of written arts, the readers want more. Based on the feedback we received, we decided to publish one poem and one flash fiction story once a week on the blog. The quarterly magazine is thriving, and we will continue to publish it.

So, starting today, I am opening the submissions for the weekly feature.  Let the excitement begin.

— Pratibha

Contributors Vol 2 Issue 1

Allison Grayhurst Andrew Weatherly Audrey Friedman
Bekah Steimel Carl Boon Casey J. Robb
Carol Dorf Edilson Afonso Ferreira Geosi Gyasi
Jacques Carrie Judith Arcana Julia Hones
Karen Neuberg Lawrence F. Farrar M.J.Iuppa
P.J. Wren Reshma Austin Rick Edelstein
Vanessa Ogle Fabrice Poussin Gina Lafont