Reshma Austin

Rain is a state of mind

Petrichor hints of the city,
Of rich ground coffee, dry rot, latent spring.
Our hungry selves writhe
In silent agony…
Rain is more delicious than sunshine.
Rain is a rebellion
On clay roof tiles;
Mundane violence on the urban wasteland
Marinated in debris
And darknesss…
Youth lies, politics is debated
In drunken stupor.
Night rain is an impassioned lover.
His deft fingers paw at the fair moon-
At her single breast jutting out
Of the night sky…
Earth, ravaged by his brute force,
Drowns herself.
Dreams flee from waterlogged bodies…
The sky swells up with distilled dreams
And the smoke of dying pyres.
Don’t they rain too
Out of nose, mouth, fingertips, mons pubis?
‘Shut up. Just shut up. Shut up.
You talk too much
Of Death’.
Love is too vulnerable-
It takes away your right
To die.


Reshma A. is an Assistant Professor of English Literature in Kerala, South India. Her collection of poems I am: Random Musings of a Twenty-Something Woman was published by Writers’ Workshop, Kolkata.

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