R. Bremner

A Golden Shovel

A seizure of the sky, releasing
a shadowstorm, a falling body
of snows in syncopated rhythms, my
very sanity escaping my mind
to meld with the wet white powder, letting
it wander wherever the snow will go.

(A golden shovel poem –
“releasing body, my mind letting go”
is a line from Nicole Cooley’s “Triage Sonnet”, from her book Milk Dress)


R. Bremner has written of incense, peppermints, and the color of time since the 1970s. He appeared in 1979’s first issue of Passaic Review, along with Allen Ginsberg and several soon-to-be-famous poets. He has published in International Poetry Review, Jerry Jazz Musician, Ekphrastic Review, Paterson Literary Review and elsewhere. Ron has won Honorable Mention in the Allen Ginsberg Award, and has published six print books, including Hungry Words (Alien Buddha Press), and Chambers (New Feral Press)

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