J.C. Pillard


I glance above me towards unbroken blue:
A robin’s egg, or most beloved eye,
A vibrant silk of multicolored hue.
What better definition of the sky?
I look below me, seeing that I stand
‘Twixt shades of green and brown and rolling gold.
The earth beneath me, farm or forest land.
What better definition can I hold?
I look before me, and I see your face.
Your eyes, your smile slay me, run me through.
All I feel is warmth in your embrace,
There is no definition here of you.
Boundless as the sky or earth below,
I cannot define you. That, I know.


J.C. Pillard lives at the foot of the Colorado mountains, where she works as an editor. She has a master’s degree in English literature from C.U. Boulder and has been published in Broadswords and Blasters #11, Fall Into Fantasy 2019, and 50-Word Stories. When not writing, J.C. can be found slaying monsters in WoW or reading the latest gothic novel.

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