Anna Schoenbach

A New Story (Belinda and Bianca of Uranus)

Two women, spinning in an inversion,
Stolen hair, stolen women, stolen hope,
Their story is begging for a subversion
lonely moons changing their own horoscope.

Black-coated Belinda cuts her own hair,
So she can, herself, gift it to her suitor.
Freedom for hair – is that truly a trade fair?
She gifts it, instead, to the stars forever.

Now, Bianca, shrew-sister and blank white of name,
Though not tame, she hides in the skirts of a world –
and escapes her torment just the same.
No suitor will find her in deep space curled.

You know, lady Belinda has another lock,
To give to a friend, on their gravitational walk…


Anna Schoenbach is a science writer/editor who thinks that there are not enough poems about her field. Science poems are not easy to place, but her other poems have been published in the Primal Elements anthology by OWS Ink and on the Coffin Bell and Nine Muses website. She is also working on a second edition to her collection of grim, nature-themed parable-poems, Wood Knot Hole – but assures you that the world is good.

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