A Note from Pratibha

Welcome to the summer issue featuring sonnets by 16 poets and the poetic response to the news by 6 poets.

Given the current state of the globe, it’s complicated to celebrate any occasion without pausing to reflect on the tragedies unfolding around us. The Literary Nest is a platform for the poets to express their feelings, emotions, thoughts, opinions in a creative form. The keyword here is creative. The editors select the pieces based solely on the literary merit without judgment on the content.

The selected sonnets may or may not conform to the strict constraints of the form, although most of them do. We at The Literary Nest love a good story. I aim to reach a lone person sitting somewhere in the world who can relate to the words on the page and be a little less isolated. We value the craft of writing, but craft alone isn’t enough if it can’t stir some emotion, some creative force within the reader.

I hope you enjoy the poems here. Please feel free to leave encouraging comments on the individual pages for the poets.

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