Shontay Luna

Harriet Tubman Villanelle

You gon’ be alright.
Just take my hand
and we’ll go by moonlight.

Our friend is the night,
a blanket over this land.
You gon’ be alright.

The stars are bright
enough; together we band
for freedom. And we’ll go by moonlight.

Pay no attention to fright.
Or it’ll drown you like quicksand.
You gon’ be alright.

Trust in my skill and might.
That this can
be done. And we’ll go by moonlight.

Liberty not a dream but a right.
And time will give evil it’s reprimand.
You gon’ be alright.
And we’ll go by moonlight.

Shontay Luna is a lifelong Chicagoan. She majored in Poetry for two years at Columbia College before finishing her studies at Robert Morris College (now University). She’s had work published in Anthology, Parnussus, Stray Branch, Oddball Press and Black Book Press, among others. Two chapbooks, Reflections of a Project Girl  and Recollections and Dreams are currently for sale on Amazon. She’s a member of Tallgrass Writers Guild and F.L.O.W. (ForThe Love of Writing).

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