Ricky Garni

Resting Comfortably

I keep a drawing of a television
in my pocket. After dinner,
I take it out and put it on
the nightstand and look at it
for an hour or so. If the
doorbell rings, I will turn on
my record player. It’s the sound
of me saying “Come in!” –
but no one does.
And when I open the door,
I often find on the stoop:
a photograph of
my neighbor,
holding a drawing
of a bowl of sugar.

Rain of Guitars

I thought for certain that someone had started the vacuum cleaner
as I was about to get into the shower but actually it was a club
full of jazz enthusiasts applauding the excellent guitar playing of
Wes Montgomery in Tsubo in 1987. After the applause died down,
Wes began to play again, still in 1987. Or did he? It also might
have been a swarm of honey bees taking shelter from the rain.


Ricky Garni is the author of The Eternal Journals of Crispy Flotilla, My Favorite Fifteen Presidents, O-Polanski and A Concerned Party Meets A Person of Interest, which will be released this Fall. He works in Carrboro, North Carolina as a graphic designer for a wine company.

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