Lisa Rhodes-Ryabchich

Overture I

after Emily Dickenson’s
(How Happy is the Little Stone)

So glorious is the Sunday sun

Which dies in a red blue yellow bun,
So worrisome about dramatics—
Its Godliness— superior pragmatics.
Whose elements of bright hydrogen—
Many fatigued galaxies slumbered by,
So creative as the moonlight sky
Laughs upon the frenzied fireflies,
Mesmerizing egocentric eyes
In symphonic waves of vibration.


Lisa Rhodes Ryabchich is an volunteer English instructor with the University of the People and also teaches poetry and screenwriting at Westchester Community College, the author of Opening the Black Ovule Gate, 2018 We Are Beautiful like Snowflakes, 2016 both from ( She has poems forthcoming in Califragile, Medical Literary Messenger, Civilized Beast Vol III, and recent publications in the Writers Café Magazine, Moon magazine, Madness Muse Press: Destigmatized Anthology,, Gather Round: A Collaboration of Cave Canem Workshop and Retreat Poets, and The Journal of Poetry Therapy. She has an MFA from Sarah Lawrence College and lives in Piermont, N.Y.

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