Barbara Jean

No Words

No words spoken
between them
for thirty years.

So alike I forget
who said what to me.

The same story, a hundred times rehearsed.
The same story, just the names reversed.

A tag-team grudge:
hoping, dreading
that the other will die first.

Grandma survives the Olden Days,
pinched between no childhood
and old-age blindness.

Mother sobs like the three-year-old she is
back then.

Alone and terrified
in the dark,
they reach for each other,
imagining that

no one is there.


Barbara Jean lives and writes in western New York where she serves as a board member of the Chautauqua Literary Arts Friends at the Chautauqua Institution.  A songwriter and singer, Barbara uses the first person perspective in most of her writing with unpretentious language and themes that elevate the human condition.  Her first published work, The Non-Prophet, is a light-hearted companion piece to Kahlil Gibran’s masterpiece, The Prophet.

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