Grace Grafton

Trumpet Flower


If we take the veils away
one by one, a filmy ritual, trusting
that the under one is protected
by the faith adhering to its nature –
if we respectfully place them side by
side on the perfect lawn or
between drops of rain,
taking care that no headlong
dogs are near, then we
can see the subtle, diaphanous
differences between layers
and realize the way
our memories overlap, how they
dwell together and we walk
in several forms through
reverberating halls where light
sifts from a source
so untraceable we are forced
simply to live within it.



grace-graftonGrace Marie Grafton’s most recent book, Jester, was published by Hip Pocket Press. She is the author of six collections of poetry.  Her poems won first prize in the Soul Making contest (PEN women, San Francisco), in the annual Bellingham Review contest, Honorable Mention from Anderbo and Sycamore Review, and have twice been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.  Poems recently appear in Sin Fronteras, The Cortland Review, Canary, CA Quarterly, Askew, Fifth Wednesday Journal, and West Trestle Review.

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