Zachary Hodson

lost shade, volume ii: epiphany

i recall her name as epiphany

[as if someone like her had a real name]

i would say it out loud
but i have seen raiders of the lost ark
& prefer my face non melted
thank you very much

she worked at fredericks of hollywood
i used to steal cement lawn art from my enemies for fun

it is a good thing i was a buxom choir boy
equal parts frozen and negligent
much more concerned with hit dice and thaco
partial permutations and songs about cheese

for she would have unconditionally destroyed me
left me a quivered pile of sour milk
thankful for such wondrous transformation

hey caveman
here’s a stick of dynamite and an unlicensed nuclear warhead
don’t kill yourself

or do


can I have a free muffin
she could have had every muffin i will ever see
you want to grab dinner on your break
i want to wrench for cover immediately
so you want to dance or something
game over return of ganon
here’s my number call me sometime
i did not graduate kindergarten
i have no idea how many piggies i have
holy shit i need to trim my toenails

fifteen years later
she is probably just as glued to the middle as the rest of us

i am sure she even has a real name by now


Zachary M Hodson - HeadshotZachary M Hodson is a multi-genre artist based out of Kansas City, MO. Holding a B.S of Psychology with a minor in Creative Writing from the University of Central Missouri, he has spent the last decade focused equally on poetry, music and music/sports journalism. His writing has been featured in several print and online outlets, including Euphony Journal, Leveler Poetry, Future’s Trading, Skidrow Penthouse, Iconoclast, Royals Blue and The Deli Magazine.

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