Vern Fein

Natural Selection

Walking home from school,
one bright, sunny, Spring day,
I saw a worm and bird struggle.
That robin had every right to that worm,
to pull and tug
that wet, pink, elongated body
for her children.
But I didn’t have to like it.
My lunchbox flew,
away flew the robin
without the worm.
I was much younger then.


Leaves fall like obituaries.
Each day,
more names,


Vern-Fein-IMG_1237Vern Fein is a retired teacher who finally has the time to write and is delighted to do so. He has published one poem in *82 Review, has another pending in Silver Birch Press, two more pending in Bindweed magazine,  and has a short story pending publication in the online magazine Duende from Goddard College in Vermont.

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