Ion Corcos


Black cockatoo
in the afternoon

clutches a bare branch

at the top of a tree.

Eagle glides by.

in the grass

seeks water

stranded at dusk.

Bugs hover
over a creek

rouse the last fury of birds
as night comes

covers hills
and shrubs

and trees.
Bats screech

thud fruit
on a tin roof.

Cicada grips its legs
onto bark

moults its old shell.


Ion-Corcos-3 (564x640)Ion Corcos has been published in Axolotl, Bitterzoet, Every Writer and Ishaan Literary Review. He is a Pushcart Prize nominee. He is currently travelling indefinitely with his partner, Lisa. He is also working on his first poetry collection, Like Clouds, and a chapbook inspired by Greece. Ion’s website is

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