Elizabeth Mercurio

Jasmine Fence

There is nothing but jasmine
down the wood planked path leafy
with green anoles that scatter
in early sun      the bees stab
yellow pinwheel centers
I have fallen away from
myself      our world packed
in boxes      I ate the tart
cherry danish you bought at
Sweet Caroline’s      still wearing
the morning kisses you gave me
on cheeks      lips and eyelids
as delicate as the small
green frogs that hide in nearby
bright bromeliads      back home
where we started     breathing air
lovesick with morning jasmine


Beth-MercurioElizabeth Mercurio is a poet living in Tampa, Florida with her husband and two daughters. She is currently pursuing a MFA in poetry as part of the Solstice Low-residency program of Pine Manor College. Her work has appeared in Third Point Press and Philadelphia Stories. She was recently selected for a Best of the Net nomination by Third Point Press. She is honored and deeply grateful to be the 2016 recipient of the Sharon Olds Fellowship awarded by the Solstice MFA program.

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