Doug Steele


Into the room came Angie

with flaxen angel hair
golden breasts
timeless hourglass motion

She floated not walked
glowed and glistened
She much chiseled from some
goddess delight fantasy

that held
every and all the men
dumbstruck dumbfounded
undone and much numb
when they (of all times)
would wish / would want
would worry what to speak?
They – Breathless
to be more fine

But as she neared
(they turned twelve again).

Angie had oh so fine lines
Cleopatra pursed lips
ambrosia scented hips
it is said she smiled and
doors would open themselves

was placed here as a
heart breaker, spirit taker
and much a dream maker

that made the men-boys
cement footed and numb.
Unable to whisper a nothing
towards her

Her breezing by smelling of deep musk,
(they turned twelve again).

Angie of flaxen hair
went of her way

smiling and knowing
what she had done.


Doug Steele Bio PicDoug Steele is a lifetime Wisconsin resident.  His prose and free verse have been featured in numerous print and on-line publications including Maudlin House Magazine, Gambling the Isle,  Straylight Literary Magazine, and Sediments Literary Arts Journal.  Douglas was named “Poet of the Week” by Poetry for the week of February 15th 2016.  He is a media personality, broadcaster, member of the Pauquette Wordcrafters, and a member of the Academy of American Poets.  Doug’s recent Chapbook “Rivers, Streams, and Dreams” was released in December 2015.  His work can be purchased at

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