Julia Hones

The Art of running away


A stroll of gentle wings
meanders forward.
It is about being still
when your back leans toward
the opposite direction,
a snide phrase  releases you,
knitting empty stars.

Running away sets the path to wisdom
for it jostles without being visible.

Bathed in a wellspring of stories,
you are disconcerting to somebody’s wishes.
There is no prescription to hold onto.
You float away from ancient voices
while strangers attempt to ensnare you
among shackles and prisons,
When you’ve been chained before
you can stride away before the forecast
announces your departure.



Julia-HonesJulia Hones’s poems and stories have appeared in various literary journals and anthologies including Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Vox Poetica, The Artistic Muse, Coffee Shop Poems, The Medical Literary Messenger, Bedlam Publishing Digital Papercut, Embodied Effigies, Black Mirror Magazine, The Voices Project and many others.  Her poetry has been a semifinalist for the Mary Ballard Poetry Prize 2015.

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