Bekah Steimel

Carved in Braille


I’ve got a nest of scars on my upper left arm
that I cannot fly away from
an indelible reminder across my wrist
that won’t let me forget how close I came,
or how far I’ve come
not all my tattoos were written in ink
but they each tell a story–they each tell the truth
gently read my scars like braille
and understand
my flesh is just a canvas for my emotions
a self-inflicted surgery that may seem elective
but I bleed to survive


Bekah-Steimel-FB_IMG_1444504731616Bekah Steimel is a poet aspiring to be a better poet. She lives in St. Louis, MO and can be found online at and followed on Twitter and Instagram @BekahSteimel. In addition to poetry, she is also working on a novella that explores the themes of love and loss.

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