Doug Steele

5 Months


Waiting for another no name
P.A. > physician assistant (as if time lives for them).


W a i t i n g, still waiting, and wait
more in this
dim              empty                room.

Waiting for:
a duplicitous congrats on my   shifting       shoulder
a too late lament for all not present. Right…

My non-whisky      breath               at
five minutes/five hours/five days/five weeks
FIVE damn months (on the tight r o p e)
is still waiting entrance to the crave free zone.

Dispensing    sober    angel      harps
through Mr. dim empty room,
charging forward I affirm
my compelling non-award day is here.

As I s i t s i t and s i t
awaiting yet another
dour empty P.A.


Douglas SteeleDoug Steele is a life long resident of Wisconsin.  For survival he has been a Broadcasting Executive for many years.  Doug is author and founder/sole contributor of the Poetics Blog Sunset in Cheeseland.  Inspiration for Mr. Steele is right out the back door and into the great woods and traveling the majestic rivers of the Badger State.

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