Dear Readers,

The editor(s) are delighted to present the July Issue. We hope that you enjoy the issue as much as we do.

The Literary Nest is a global journal, and we strive to feature original, unpublished works of writers, from any part of the world, who write in English.1 We feature well-known writers as well as the debut writers. Do check our submissions page often for any new contests and do let your writer friends know about it.

In this issue, we are honored to feature some beautiful poetry from some well-known names in the poetry world.

From time to time, at the editor’s discretion, we feature a previously published story or poem. If you want to nominate a piece, please let us know via our contact email.

  1. Since this is a global collective, the spelling will remain in the style of the writer’s nationality. For example: UK writers can write “colour,” and US writers can write “color.”


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