Editor’s Comments

The Literary Nest is proud to present the very first issue. Thank you for everyone who contributed, promoted, and supported the magazine in these initial months. I hope you like what you read and continue to support the magazine.

Above all, without the support from our esteemed advisors, Annie Finch and Maureen Fadem, this project would not have been possible.

In the coming months, the magazine will launch some innovative projects to involve and engage the reading and writing community. Although, I would continue to emphasize the written word, I recognize the visual appeal of the digital media. Expect a new submission call for artwork soon.

From the inception, I have maintained that I do not believe in the genre distinctions when it comes to the meaning of “literary” work, all that matters is that the writing be good and appeal to heart and mind simultaneously. As you can see from the selection of the stories and poems in this issue, The Literary Nest strives for the diversity of selection.

Check out the winners page for the contest wiinners.

Don’t forget to check out the new call for submissions.

Enjoy reading!

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