Charles A. Perrone

Photo by Ono Kosuki from Pexels

To a Carpenter Friend

I thought I heard you declare
that you had been arrested
for stealing some slumber
but alas I was mistaken
you were detained for pilfering winks
not for trying to catch forty of them
nor even for attempting to take some
but literally for committing a theft
of those somniferous moments
so much more valuable and full of time
than fit inside this imagination of mine
than whatever sleep than any one thinks

Editor’s Note: This short poem put a smile on my face. A simple frequent occurance of someone working on their woodworking can keep the entire neighboorhood awake. Instead of complaining this poem puts a humorous twist on it.

Charles A. Perrone was born in the Empire State (New York), but raised in the Golden State (California). He last studied in the Lone Star State (Texas), and worked for decades in the Sunshine State (Florida). He resides in Santa Cruz, California by the ocean and redwoods. He is a retired academic still practicing poetry, translation, reviewing, criticism, popular music, radio programming, cat-care and gardening. He has published several chapbooks (in USA, Brazil, UK), mostly via <>.

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