Contributors Vol 2 Issue 3

 Devon Balwit  Kelly Belmonte  Wendy Taylor Carlisle
 Natalie Crick  Holly Day  Rebecca Ellis
 Karl Harshbarger  Adam Matson  Joan Mazza
 R. Holt McAdams  Thomas M. Mcdade  Martina Reisz Newberry
 Susan Pittman  José L Recio  Shawn Yager
 Grace Grafton  Mary Ann Honaker  M. Lee Alexander

4 thoughts on “Contributors Vol 2 Issue 3”

  1. If you were sent verse in July should I have heard by now? If I haven’t heard should I make note of the rejection at 92 days on Duotrope?


    1. Your submission did not meet the guidelines. You need to wait at least three months between submissions. So, it wasn’t read. Please always check the guidelines. Thank you.


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