Spotlight: The Literary Nest

Flash! Friday

One thing’s clear: Pratibha‘s no ordinary draggin. In addition to writing for us all the time here at FF, last year she signed on to judge a term. When that was done, she signed on again. And when that was over, well, she up and launched her own literary magazine, The Literary Nest

You can see why we had no choice but to talk to her about it! Pratibha, you crazy, fabulous writer — welcome to Spotlight!

The Literary Nest The Literary Nest

What motivated you to found The Literary Nest?

There are only a handful of well-known print magazines that publish unsolicited work from unknown authors.  I wanted to open up publishing opportunities for skillful and imaginative writers who languish in oblivion because of the lack of publishing opportunities.

The literary world is filled with writings from MFA graduates, but there are many capable writers who do not have…

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